Southern hills is a place where you can connect to god and others

Upcoming Series

Dark clouds linger on the horizon while flashes of lightning give way to sudden gusts of wind. Your ship is destined to sink unless you find a safe harbor. Anchored is a 4-week Sermon-Series that will teach you how to courageously face the fiercest storm and emerge stronger than ever. It’s this storm, NOT YOU, that’s bound to fade away.  


small groups

Connect and engage with our community through the small group environment.  Being part of a Small Group means that you have a group of people who will be there for you to encourage you, to challenge you, to hold you accountable, and to help you grow.

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Adult Ministry

At Southern Hills we believe that every adult can have a great relationship with Jesus Christ that impacts their family and community. Our mission at Southern Hills is to make disciples for Jesus. This is process begins with participating in our weekly Worship Service and getting involved in the church community . Both of these environments focus on Connecting to God, Growing in your faith, Serving others, and Sharing the love of Christ.


Kids Ministry

It is never too early to start teaching children about the love of Jesus. At Southern Hills, we have experiences for boys and girls of all ages taught by caring and professional teachers. Your child will learn the Bible on their level in a safe, fun, and exciting environment!